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Argument for Instructor-led training

We all learn differently. The three main learning styles are: visual, auditory, and hands-on. While online learning includes the first two styles, it does not include hands-on training using relevant examples. For most adult learners this is how they learn best.

That’s not to say that online learning is a waste of money. I’m suggesting that you ask users which type(s) of learning they would prefer. This way an organization only pays for online learning licenses that are more likely to be use. That right I said likely.
Even for user that learn well through online learning be it Lyda.com tutorials, webinars or videos, it assumes that users will use these resources during business hours. According to my clients making that time a priority can be a challenge.

In summary, I think customized instructor-led learning should at least supplement online learning for 4 main reasons:

  1. Hands-on practice that is relevant to their work requirements
  2. Group interaction encourages peer-to-peer learning which often results in improved procedures
  3. Specific topics are identified through a needs assessment
  4. Uninterrupted learning with scheduled time away from their office while still on-site