Excel printing made easy

If you have ever printed an Excel spreadsheet that is more than one page long you may have tried to tape the two pages together. Come on… you know who you are.

Save your tape. The easiest way to manage page breaks is to use Excel’s Page Break Preview feature. It allows you to drag your page breaks where you want them.

Once you have altered your page breaks you will need column and/or row headings to repeat after page one. To do this click the Page Layout tab and select Page Titles in the Page Setup group. Click in the Rows to repeat at top box and click and drag over the over the row(s) that you want to repeat on all pages. If you need the column headings to repeat as well do the same for the columns. Click Print Preview before exiting the Page Setup box to see your changes.
What NOT to do: Drag the solid blue outside line in toward the centre of your spreadsheet. This will exclude columns or rows from the print area completely!