Customized On-site Microsoft® Office Training: 2007 – 2013

Software Simplified is in the business of helping organizations get the most out of their Microsoft® Office investment. We close the gap between existing and necessary MS Office skill sets as quickly as possible enabling users to become more productive soon after training.

Not in Kingston?  Not a problem.  We travel outside of Kingston.
Software Simplified provides training to organizations in the public and private sectors in Kingston and surrounding areas.


Why choose Software Simplified?

  • Efficient: Training Programs focus on need to know features first and foremost
  • Effective: Dynamic Delivery with lots of relevant examples + Expert Certified MS Office Trainers = engaged participants
  • Economical: Return on Training Investment is high and immediate


“The Municipality of Port Hope had the opportunity to engage Software Simplified in our corporate upgrade to Microsoft Office Suite 2010…Software Simplified was engaged to develop a tailored training program to address a cross section of users at varying levels of expertise, and to design the training program to accommodate all 85 municipal employees schedules…we found Lorrie to be very pro-active, thorough and well prepared. Her style is personable, informed and easily adaptable to trainees’ needs. She easily imparts the knowledge required and creates balance between the power users and the lay people. Lorrie is exemplary in her skill set and we were very pleased to have her as part of our implementation team. We would highly recommend Lorrie and her firm!”

Sue Dawe, Director of Corporate Services, Municipality of Port Hope
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Customized to Meet Your Business Goals

We provide customized training programs that focus on the features that boost user productivity the most.  During a thorough needs assessment we help clients focus on the need to know features first and leave the nice to know features for if there is extra time or money in the budget. Based on the findings of the needs assessment, small group or one-on-one training is recommended.

Tired of learning what everyone else needs to know? With Software Simplified the training will engage every user because the courses are so tailored to the suit your industry, profession and perhaps even a specific user group. Not only are the features relevant to participants but examples of their application is made as relevant as possible to each group of participants. Our certified MS Office trainers take the time to understand the existing and potential application before and during training sessions.

On-site Training

Have training, will travel: Software Simplified services Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, Ottawa valley and surrounding areas. All training is delivered on-site in half day sessions. We acknowledge that participants may have other business to tend to during the other half of the day and that most people have learned more than enough in 3 hours. Also, training is delivered on a flexible schedule that works best for your staff.

Tele-Training – NEW!

Need help now? Call 613-531-5212.
Using a screen sharing program you can be trained over the phone. It is available in as little as 15 minute increments. We’ll even include the instructional video!




Microsoft® Word

Examples of features clients request the most are: how to view multiple documents, apply advanced paragraph formatting such as multi-level numbering and vertical spacing, add and modify page formatting such as headers and footers, use templates, insert screenshots, to insert tables, perform a mail merge and track revisions.

Microsoft® Excel

Examples of features clients request the most are: how to enter formulas and common functions efficiently, add comments to cells, position cell content accurately, apply conditional formatting, create charts, manage workbooks by inserting, renaming, moving and deleting them, insert headers/footers,  print multi paged documents, sort and filter data using tables, and create PivotTables.

Microsoft® PowerPoint

Examples of features clients request the most are: how to create a basic presentation with various slide layouts, change the design theme, reuse existing slides, insert pictures, screenshots and various forms of multimedia including web videos, apply transition and animation effects, use the slide master to apply changes to multiple slides at once, insert headers/footers for audience handouts and run their presentation effectively.

Microsoft® Outlook

Examples of features clients request the most are: how to view conversations grouped by subject, flag messages for follow-up, manage conversation view, recall and resend messages, use Quick Steps, create and share contacts and groups, organize and manage meeting invitations, share calendars, create tasks and use instant search. Increasingly, clients need to know how to leverage Outlook as a time management tool by integrating mail, calendar, contacts and tasks.

Exciting new changes in Microsoft® Office 2013!

You can now save your documents in the cloud, instantly insert online pictures and video into your document. Excel has a Quick Analysis tool which allows you to add formatting and meaning to your data such as conditional formatting or sparklines. Better position your graphics in Word using live layout and alignment guides. You can finally transform your PDF into an editable Word document. PowerPoint has more fun themes, transitions and animations and don’t forget the online videos. Outlook allows you to better focus on and reply to urgent messages and switch between parts of the program more easily. It’s even got a weather bar which is great for those of us that know Fahrenheit.



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